KCH International: broaden your horizon

KCH International initiates and participates in a variety of international projects, incorporating a number of educational and/or labour market elements, and in which institutions and experts from a variety of countries collaborate and encourage mobility.

The added value of international activities for A few examples the corporate world

Learning in the workplace has importance beyond teaching. KCH International encourages informal learning while linking it to the development and recognition of employees’ competences and skills. The results of projects covering themes such as Social Inclusion, Intercultural Sensitivity and the European Train the Trainer programme, are directly applicable through the concrete products. The networks offer an infrastructure giving employers the opportunity to interact with foreign
students. The knowledge and experience of these international students offers added value for the recipient employers. Corporates in the Commercial sector benefit from our expertise through participation in relevant European sector groups.

KCH International involves social partners in European consultation, such as the Sector Skills Council Commerce, where labour market trends and developments are tracked, and the ESCO retail/wholesale reference group (European classification of skills/competences, qualifications and professions).

A few examples

With our knowledge of the labour market and education, involving
partners, encouraging networks and our focus on quality,
we achieve concrete results through projects.

A couple of examples:

  • Mobility portal for Trade and MITT [Fashion, Interior,
    Carpeting and Textile industry] students
  • Competence profiles for international practical trainers
  • Mobility students MITT sector
  • Qualification file and network Assistant Manager International Trading
  • International instructor work placements
  • Implementation of European Educational Policy lines
  • International file elective component 2016
  • Social Inclusion training programme
  • European training courses and instruments for ECVET implementation
  • Strengthening international teaching